SIDUL - Société Industrielle du Levant s.a.l. commonly known as Bakalian Flour Mills is a fourth generation family owned and run flour milling company. It is Lebanon’s largest wheat flour manufacturer.

Quality, consistency and a pledge to excellence have allowed SIDUL to flourish through hard economic and political times.

After being in the business for over a century, and powered by Buhler state-of-the art machinery, SIDUL is one of the leading flour milling companies in the Middle East with a daily capacity of production that can reach 700 MT.

Product Development

We produce a unique range of flour with a selection of the best grades of premium wheat.

Product quality is controlled throughout the milling process, assuring consumers of consistent results day after day.

We have established a strong reputation for our high ratio Green Label “Extra” flour. Our portfolio also includes a number of special types of flours: Italian Pizza, All purpose, Croissant. etc... These are tailored for the end user's needs.

Customer Solutions

Aside from having one of the best equipped laboratory for testing cereals, wheat, flour & bread in the Middle-East region, we have a proven track record of helping customers to develop new custom products and improving existing ones.

As a customer, you will have access to our dedicated Customer Solutions team.